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Chicken Free Supercharged Complete Meals - Lois (Lamb Bone)

Chicken Free Supercharged Complete Meals - Lois (Lamb Bone)

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This bundle formulated especially for Lois, a collection of our new Supercharged meals but made with lamb bone instead of chicken bone as she is intolerant to poultry.

These meals are made to the 70/10/10/10 balance of meat, bone, offal and veggies, herbs, seeds and superfoods.

We’ve created this nutritious range of meals to provide optimum health and well-being for your dog.  Using only natural ingredients and avoiding the use of unnatural synthetic mixes and powders often to be found in raw dog foods.

Our portioned meals are made from textured chunky minces that have then been hand-formed into convenient 100g portions. This makes it super easy to mix up the meats and offer something different at each mealtime.


Bundle Contents

There are 6 pouches in this bundle. Each resealable, recyclable pouch contains 7 x 100g handmade meals which are ideal for smaller dogs, or for use as a topper for DIY or when that extra 100g is needed for a meal.

A mess-free, easy way to give a dog a complete raw meal.

Bundle contents…

2 x Supercharged Beef with lamb bone 700g

2 x Supercharged Fish with lamb bone 700g

1 x Supercharged Lamb with lamb bone 700g

1 x Supercharged Pork with lamb bone 700g


Supercharged Beef meal
Welsh beef trim/tongue, lamb bone, beef offal (ox liver and ox kidney)

Supercharged Lamb meal
Local quality lamb (trim, heart, tripe, lung), lamb bone, lamb offal (liver, kidney, spleen)

Supercharged Pork meal
Local pork trim/tongue, lamb tripe, lamb bone, pork offal (pork liver and pork kidney)

Supercharged Fish meal
Salmon, lamb tripe, lamb bone, beef offal (ox liver and ox kidney)

All meals contain seasonal veggies (broccoli, spring greens, green beans), nettle, alfalfa, hawthorn berries, chicory root, spirulina, hemp seed, pumpkin seed, turmeric and kelp.
Absolutely no artificial additives or preservatives.

Feeding Guidelines

Feed 2% to 3% of your adult dog's bodyweight per day. Please contact us for feeding guidelines for dogs under 12 months of age. This food is suitable for both adult dogs and puppies.


We can deliver to mainland UK, with the exception of Northern Ireland, the Highlands of Scotland, Isle of Wight or the Isle of Man.

Our delivery charge is £9.95 (DPD next day courier service).

We can also offer collection from our kitchens in Hanslope. If you choose this option we will let you know when you're food is made to arrange a time to pop over and pick up.

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